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Volume in Share Trading is an important input in decision making. Volume can contribute 50% meaning to the price moves. Considering so many varieties of Volume is available viz. "No Demand Day" Volume, "Bullish/ Bearish" Volume, "No Selling/ Buying" Volume etc, a trader can get easily confused and trapped even if he/she is using "CandleVolume" price chart or "On Balance Volume" as an indicator. To top it, the issue with Volume spread analysis can be daunting to identify when the volume is entering whether all of it is for buying or covering the shorts at a support and vice-versa. I hole Psyquation can help us to solve this puzzle. 

  • Prince Chakra
  • Sep 7 2018
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  • Prince Chakra commented
    September 07, 2018 07:30

    The above is equally applicable to Stock Index or "Indices" Trading.

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