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Adding winners and losers on Closed Trades excluding Open Positions

This could be useful as a marketing tool towards & decision making factor by investors, also a review for the Trader checking the percentage of trades they picked right.

It benefits Long-term Traders as their winning trades can be negative for some time before heading towards profit, and it can show investors more insight by showing 2 sides of the Trade. The process and End Result.

How this could work: 

Current reporting is perfect as it sees ALL trades through every stage of the trades giving a realistic view throughout the whole process including Open Positions. Excellent work and brilliantly done.
So this could work as an additional reporting showing the end result on Closed Trades but should not interfere with the current Calculating factor.

Show the percentage Winners/Losers in the same format as Current Reporting under Advanced Statistics once the trades are closed, excluding the open Trades. 
Number of  Matured Trades
Positive #####% in Natural numbers
Negative #####% in Natural numbers

Perhaps a separate Chart or Icon could show the History on Closed Trades similar to a Candlestick Chart as a funny detail Traders-Style. 
OHLC (Open-High-Low-Close) of the trade, Graphically showing the whole process plus end result in percentages, taking into consideration the account Value is NOT static. Withdrawals can be done as well as adding Funds, the percentage per 100 or 1K USD could be used as a data extraction. This way Funding & Withdrawing doesn't manipulate the data.

Thank You for your excellent work.

Благодарим вас за блестящую работу


  • Hans Stam
  • Oct 9 2018
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