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Frequency Commissions

I'm suggesting a higher frequency for paying out profits to the Investor, Commissions to PsyQuation and Commissions to the traders.

This is useful because for the investors, as they would see results quicker in the form of payment rather than a number on a sheet, which may lead to a more substantial investment or to enter the investment program in the first place. 

For PsyQuation this is useful as there will be more money available quicker to do the needed projects, more revenue equals justified funds for infrastructure.

For the Traders themselves, this is useful as most traders come from a situation where they are not trading full time. There is no option to take trading full time for them on a Quarterly payout in the first year(s) which also can cause a less good result or focus. For traders, this can be a dealmaker to choose going full time or do this part-time. 

In my case, when I first started out I did make a profit but did not get paid in Q2 as open trades were more than the traded results at that specific time. This meant no commissions in Q2 while there were actually profits made. This also meant I will have to wait 6 months before seeing new income, for a full-time trader this can be devastating and ruin the opportunity. 

Who benefits? Investors, PsyQuation, Traders.


The same way it is now, except for a higher frequency. Instead of Quarterly, making that a monthly frequency. When Traders have a month which did not produce enough, it is not directly the end of their opportunity for 6 months, but rather 2 months, which seems a much better trading opportunity. 


Hans Stam

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  • Sep 4 2019
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  • Ankit Joshi commented
    December 14, 2019 17:51

    I do not agree with this. for example, the 1st month is -10% and the second month is 3%. Though investors have lost money in two months (-7%) traders will get the commission on 3%, which is unfair. Therefore, quarterly is good for investors to secure their interest.  If the entire quarter is in profit than only trader gets paid, and three months is enough time for the trader to make high watermark (though in adverse market condition it can be difficult.)

  • Guest commented
    September 05, 2019 05:52

    Correct, since April 1rst I made a profit of $8.623.

    The better part of that, $6.499 was made since August first. 

    Trading did not change, but the volume did, so trades are 55 times bigger now and will even increase this month after another 50K is added. 

    The drawdown stays relatively the same, except 55+ times bigger on current open Balance, which pretty much wipes out the prior trading months. 

    So if we are successful, and funds are added, it can be with the current Quarterly check, we don't get any commissions. 

    Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful for this opportunity, and I love seeing the account grow every month, so it is a bit bitter-sweet of me to bring this up but I think it's important to take a second look at this.


  • George van Vuuren commented
    September 05, 2019 05:42

    Sorry I have made a mistake in my comment above I see I can not edit it. I had a look again what Hans is talking about here in his post. I see even if we get paid every second month we will still not be able to take out our profits because with any new funding added if it is from investors or from the plan the trading size will change and that drawdown will kill our previous month profits. The only way I see now is if we get paid monthly. 

    We can take out our profits and new funding can be added and we can change our trading according to the new funding.
  • George van Vuuren commented
    September 05, 2019 04:26

    I agree fully this will be awesome if there is a payout at least every second month if it can not be done every month.  I also think more traders, investors, and Psyquation will benefit from this long term. It can also help me to become a day trader much sooner. 


    George van Vuuren