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Vinculate commisions with PSY Score

With more PSY score -> more discount over commissions. This will encurage traders to trade better and at the same time, showing better performance

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  • Sep 9 2019
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  • George van Vuuren commented
    September 10, 2019 05:08

    This is a great idea I really think the commission of 20% is really low perhaps up to it every year a bit till around 55% for the broker and 45% for the trader something like that. Long term is can be great for Psy and also the trader. 

  • Guest commented
    September 10, 2019 15:38

    I personally think the motivation to trade optimal is already in existence. We all want the best scores.

    Something else we need to keep in mind is that only 10% is going to PsyQuation, and that is low for all that is provided!

    The remaining 70% is going to investors the way it is set up currently, which really has to stay high as that is the attraction of investing with PQ in the first place.

    Do not forget 20% is still a lot of money over the cash we are being given.

    The only thing that would really change this for us is a higher frequency as posted before. 

    My score balances between 83-85, pretty solid too, but I'm happy with what the current offer is, as this already is a huge task to perform steadily for PQ.

    We do not need to go into gambling to raise a score just to get something more, we still are responsible for the cash others loan us, work ethics demand we do a good job on that. 

    We're here to make this work for all of us, including the investors and the Program which is doing well right now.


    Hans Stam